The below table defines the validation error codes that this API may return for method validation. In addition to these, normal HTTP error codes apply.

Error CodeDescription
4001Missing required field
4002Not able to find an object
4003Must be unique value
4004User can not access an object
4005Must be a numeric value
4006Must be an array
4007Must be one of the allowed values
4008Must be a string
4009Must be a boolean
4010Must be a valid date
4011Must be a valid file URL
4012Must be a valid image URL
4013Related channel type is not supported
4014Mismatch between sales order and channel
4015Mismatch between client and channels
4016Templates limit exceeded
4017Mismatch between sales order and sales order item
4018Custom field value must match the type
4019Each attachment must match format AttachmentRequest
4020Character limit reached
4021Must be an email