The Reports Edesk API lets you request reports. Report types are specified using the ReportType enumeration.

The report process begins by creating a report request. Next, you obtain a list of report requests which shows the report request identifier and status of each requested report. Finally, you use the report request identifier from this listing to get the actual report. The process steps are as follows:

Submit a report request using the RequestReport operation. This is a request to xSellco to generate a specific report.

Submit a request using the GetReportRequestList operation to get a list that shows the report requests and the status and ID of each report request. API returns a ReportRequestId for every report requested per RequestType. When xSellco sets the status of a report request to DONE, the report is ready to be retrieved. Some reports create a GeneratedReportId that you can pass to the GetReport operation.

If no GeneratedReportId was created, submit a request using the GetReportList operation and include the ReportRequestId for the report requested. The operation returns a ReportId that you can then pass to the GetReport operation.

Submit a request using the GetReport operation to receive a specific report. You include in the request the GeneratedReportId or the ReportId for the report you want to receive.

The following steps shows the process for submitting and receiving an on-request report:

  • Seller submits a RequestReport operation, xSellco receives request, returns ReportRequestId.

  • Seller submits a GetReportRequestList operation xSellco returns the processing status and when DONE, reports return the GeneratedReportId.

  • Seller submits a GetReportList operation using the ReportRequestId obtain the ReportId.

  • Seller submits a GetReport operation using the ReportId to download file or data.

ReportType enumeration

Report Types available:




Some key statistics including number of tickets and active users over the selected period


A list of actions by all users over the selected period


All tickets that have breached the SLA


All tickets that have CSAT sent/blocked


All tickets marked as Resolved within the selected period


The number of responses within each set time category and the total number as a percentage of all tickets


The min, max and average handling time per channel


The min, max and average handling time per user


The average time taken for the number of replies per user


The time taken on activities per ticket (including creating the ticket, status changes, replies and internal notes) per user


A summary of data relating to replies by all users over the selected


Some key statistics including ticket details, time, information and ratings

ProcessingStatus enumeration




Request is pending to be processed


Report generation is processing


Report generation has been cancelled


Report is available for download